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Corks pop and truth spills in the first trailer for Amy Poehler's Wine Country

Once upon a time, perhaps, what happened in wine country stayed in wine country, but that changes with age, and the 40-somethings in Amy Poehler’s new comedy look like they’re ready to learn that the hard way. Poehler co-stars in the film, which centers around the 50th birthday of Rachel Dratch’s Rebecca, whose milestone offers a chance for her disparate group of old pals to reconnect.

Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, and a hilarious-looking Paula Pell round out the cast, as does Jason Schwartzman’s suave, bearded sommelier type and at least a few dozen bottles of pinot.


Prepare to pour a glass or three when the movie hits Netflix on May 10.

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