Feldman on the Today Show (Screenshot: YouTube)

Last week 1980s actor Corey Feldman (Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, Goonies) appeared on NBC’s morning gabfest Today and performed a baffling rock number called “Go 4 It” from what was purported to be a double concept album entitled Angelic 2 The Core. What was this thing, exactly, and why was Feldman invited to perform it on national television? Here was a costumed man singing passionately about the battle between good and evil as part of some theatrical spectacle. It sounds like a plot from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In fact, to prove this very point, YouTuber Jim Wirt has taken the liberty of replacing the audio from Feldman’s Today performance with a choice cut from Charlie Kelly’s infamous musical, The Nightman Cometh. More specifically, to give credit where it is due, Wirt is using “Daymanstep,” Joman’s 2012 dubstep remix of the Sunny song.

What is remarkable about this mashup is how little the audio switcheroo changes things. The Sunny song is a sonic upgrade, to be sure, but the costuming and choreography from Feldman’s Today performance would fit right in on It’s Always Sunny. Feldman and Charlie are kindred spirits in a way. Feldman has been doggedly pursuing his strange, forlorn music career for decades now, despite an overwhelming lack of public encouragement. But, like Charlie, he continues. These men feel an urgent desire to express themselves creatively in flamboyant ways, public opinion be damned.