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TMZ and CNN are reporting Corey Feldman drove himself to a Los Angeles hospital after being stabbed outside his car last Tuesday night. Actually, the way the actor tells it, he was stabbed while stopped at a red light in kind of a group attack. Feldman claims three men approached his car, and while his security personnel dealt with them, a fourth man arrived on the scene in a separate car and stabbed him in the abdomen before fleeing. Feldman posted about the harrowing incident on Twitter.


The actor was hospitalized in stable condition, after which law enforcement told TMZ that no lacerations were found on Feldman’s person. The updates then came fast and furious, as Feldman clarified that he believed he’d been stabbed by a syringe, which would explain why his clothing hadn’t been cut. “Cops now say there is some sort of mark on Corey’s abdomen,” the updates read. “Cops believe it was a road rage incident and the call went out as an assault with a deadly weapon.”

CNN spoke with LAPD officer Drake Madison, who explained “a person opened the driver door, made a stabbing motion at the actor’s midsection and then fled.” It’s remains unclear whether Feldman was in fact stabbed and with what exactly, though both outlets report there was “redness” on the actor’s abdomen.

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