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Corey Feldman is “deeply sorry” for dropping that American flag on Today

The Today Show

Corey Feldman was not making a statement about the United States’ faltering position on the world stage when he dropped that miniature American flag to the filth-covered floor during his performance of “Take A Stand” on NBC’s Today yesterday. Or so he says. While discussing his second recent, ill-fated morning show appearance with People, he explained that he was so excited to be asked back on the show after his much-ridiculed performance last month that he “scrambled to find an American flag to use as a patriotic symbol at the last minute and with no rehearsal” because the song, as he revealed on the show, “is for America.”

“Once I was on stage, my brain reverted to my choreography, which was to throw my hands up in the air with a peace sign,” Feldman told People. “As a dancer, my instinct is to drop anything in my hands. In that live moment, it came off as wrong, and for that I’m deeply sorry. It was the exact opposite of my intention.”


What do you think? Can we let Feldman off the hook, America? For old time’s sake?

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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