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Corey Feldman briefly halts show to hunt around for his missing tooth

(Photo: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Say what you like about Corey Feldman—and we have—but the dude’s not a quitter. The former Bordello Of Blood star proved that borderline perverse point at one of his musical performances last night, when he was forced to briefly halt the show in order to search around on the ground for a tooth he‘d knocked out by bashing his face with a microphone.

At first, Feldman simply vacated the stage, while his scantily clad back-up band, The Angels, finished out the current song. Soon he was back, though, with a small search party to help him recover the fallen fang. Gamely braving the shouts of a crowd just as happy to yell “License To Drive!” at him as to actually help him find his damn tooth, Feldman eventually recovered it when a fan in the front row discovered it on the ground. Feldman then left the stage again to go “fix” the problem, a scenario we can only hope didn’t involve words like “superglue” or “It’ll hold!”, while the Angels continued to play, presumably accustomed to glumly trucking on every time God takes another shot at their frontman and boss.


To his credit, though, Feldman apparently re-took the stage later on to finish out the set, because if widespread national mockery wasn’t going to stop Corey Feldman’s dreams of musical superstardom, you can be damn sure a little dental emergency didn’t stand a chance.

[via Spin]

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