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Corey Feldman battles his demons through dance on Today

(Screenshot: Today)

Despite lacking the proper funding from fans for his album—not to mention the talent—Corey Feldman continues to pursue a music career. The ’80s-movie mainstay went on Today to promote his album Angelic 2 The Core, so titled because he can’t resist punning on his name at every opportunity. The Feldmaniac also followed his tradition of substituting numbers for prepositions with the single, “Go 4 It,” which he performed live with his usual coterie of seraphim.


Looking like a NPC from Assassin’s Creed, Feldman shows off an impressive array of dance moves that fathers across America will undoubtedly deploy the next time they chaperone their kids to a concert. As he effortlessly moves from the dab to the Robot, Feldman’s dancing outshines his singing, thought that’s still not saying much.

Feldman says Angelic 2 The Core was inspired by the struggle between good and evil, a war that’s seemingly raged inside of him for some time. Although the album cover looks like a picture of Feldman groping two of the Corey’s Angels, the women are actually helping him rise out of hell. And for that, he’s repaid them with lingerie and dehumanizing contracts. No, wait—it’s actually ”exposure and guidance” in the entertainment world.

[via Uproxx]

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