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Cool skateboarding dog somehow not also wearing sunglasses

Screenshot: Twitter

This French bulldog is undoubtedly cool. Watch: The little fellow is capable of riding a skateboard better than most humans, carrying it in its mouth to gain momentum, hopping on it while the board already has a head of steam, even riding it up the bowl halfway and back down again. At one point, in an attempt to right an upturned board, the dog appears to perform a sort of slow-motion, manual kickflip. The video goes on much longer than you’d expect it to, forming a sort of hypnotic loop of cool skateboarding dog action:


It is like a fever dream of ’90s attitude birthed into the world, its only lamentable qualities being the fact that the dog is not wearing a backwards hat and sunglasses, and it never lowers said glasses to say directly to the camera something like, “Shred hard, dudes and dudettes,” or, “Don’t blame me—I’m a skateboarding dog!” Presumably all of that occurred shortly after the video concludes, after which all of the onlookers were frozen in place so that the credits roll over them.

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