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Cool pixel art reimagines films as ’90s video games

Pixels may have given the pixelated art form a bad rap, but it can still be an impressive means of translating pieces of entertainment. Many artists are able to turn film and TV characters into pixelated creations that would be right at home in a ’90s CD-ROM game. An Israeli artist, Gustavo Viselner, has captured multiple memorable scenes from films as beautiful pixel art.

Viselner has meticulously transformed moments from Star Wars; Forrest Gump; Aliens; The NeverEnding Story; The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly; and others. Check out the following Imgur gallery to see some of Viselner’s work and imagine a world where children are entertained by an adventure game of Forrest Gump running across America and shining a light on how great baby boomers truly are.


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