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Cool people announce birth of presumably cool baby

Rashida Jones and Ezra Koenig
Photo: Todd Williamson (Getty Images)

Given that many people are not, objectively, cool—and if you need a citation on that, kindly direct yourself to the entire rest of the internet—it’s always worth celebrating when a couple of the cool ones manage to get together and produce what will, presumably, be a pretty radical kid. Take—to pick an example not-at-all at random—Ezra Koenig and Rashida Jones. Koenig: He’s the lead singer of Vampire Weekend; he makes anime; he doesn’t seem to be a dick. Jones, meanwhile, might be even cooler: There’s her TV work, obviously, and the fact that she’s Quincy Jones’ daughter, but there’s also her willingness to stand up to Pixar, one of the most beloved companies in the world at the time, and call them out for what’s now been revealed to be a host of shitty institutional behaviors.

Luckily, this hypothetical child isn’t anywhere near as non-existent as it might have seemed at the start of this paragraph: Entertainment Tonight reports that Jones and Koenig have, indeed, had a kid together, named Isaiah Jones Koenig. Although Koenig and Jones have reportedly been dating for several years, they’ve also been very quiet about their private lives, and staunchly refused to define themselves by their relationships or aspirations for parenthood, which, again: Pretty cool.


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