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Cool parents Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel name their new baby after her Haunting Of Hill House character

Image: Netflix

Shortly after wrapping production on his film adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, director Mike Flanagan and his wife Kate Siegel welcomed their second child into the world. Her name: Theodora Isabelle Irene Flanagan, or Theo for short. Fans of Flanagan’s recent Netflix series adaptation of The Haunting Of Hill House will immediately recognize the significance.


That was Flanagan’s post just two days after he wrapped on his adaptation of the sequel to The Shining, his second King adaptation following last year’s Gerald’s Game. As Nerdist points out, it’s been one heck of a year for Flanagan, who earned critical acclaim for The Haunting Of Hill House. The series, which follows the deeply haunted Crain family as they reconcile with familial trauma, co-stars Siegel as middle child Theodora, a child psychologist with the gift (or burden) of psychic touch.

Siegel has appeared in every one of Flanagan’s projects, but her role in Hill House was her most substantialand poignantone yet. It was actually during the filming of the series’ phenomenal sixth episode, “Two Storms,” (comprised exclusively of impressive long takes), that Siegel discovered she was expecting the couple’s second child. And Theo is a pretty damn cool name, made even more awesome by its connection to such a remarkable and meaningful character.

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