Today in Zoolander 2 news announced via Ben Stiller’s Instagram: Billy Zane will reprise his celebrated role as Billy Zane in the sequel to 2001’s Zoolander. Stiller posted a video of a gruffer-than-usual Hansel confirming Zane’s participation after looking up from his presumed morning ritual of reading newspaper comics by a fountain:


Other actors confirmed for the film so far include Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Christine Taylor, and the kid that’s going to play Zoolander’s son. Adding Zane to the mix could be a precursor to a cameo parade rivaling the famous-people-just-hanging-out party that was Anchorman 2—the original Zoolander featured Vince Vaughn, Jon Voight, Judah Friedlander, David Duchovny, Andy Dick, Patton Oswalt, and a slew of personalities from both Hollywood and the fashion world. Since the way of sequels is to do the same thing but bigger and louder, that likely means twice as many celebrities on screen when the film debuts on February 12, 2016. And twice as many Fred Dursts.