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Cool dad Anthony Stewart Head joins his daughter’s new Freeform show

Anthony Stewart Head on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Anthony Stewart Head: Fan of instant coffee, trainer of the vampire slayer, best part of muddled Syfy series that only last two seasons, and now, you can add “cool dad” to that list. Deadline reports that Head, or “A-Stew-Head” as he’s probably called by somebody who doesn’t particularly care for him, is joining the cast of Guilt, Freeform’s new hourlong drama. Best of all for Head, his daughter Daisy Head is starring in the upcoming series, meaning he’ll get to do all the cool dad moves, like interrupting her conversations with costars to say, “How’re you kids doing today?” and walking her to her trailer each morning, only to yell, “Make good choices!” really loudly in front of the crew. It’s presumably only a matter of time before he starts showing off his old-school dance moves and making lots of jokes involving puns right before the director calls “action.”

Guilt sounds like a reworking of the Amanda Knox story, meaning it involves a young American woman (Daisy Head) in London who gets implicated in the brutal murder of her roommate, and her sister (Emily Tremaine) “leaves her life as a Boston prosecutor to fly to England and defend her.” Giles—or Head, rather, sorry about that, force of habit—is playing James Lahue, “Grace and Natalie’s wealthy, charming stepfather with ties to murder victim Molly Ryan…Natalie questions whether the attorney he’s hired to represent Grace, Stan Gutterie (Billy Zane), is really defending her or actually using Grace to hide any connection James might have to Molly’s murder.” That’s a lot of advance info for what sounds like an upcoming plot point, but maybe cool dad Head just wanted the world to know what noted cool dude Billy Zane would be doing on the show. He’ll also be grilling some burgers later on, just to the left of the craft services table, if you kids feel like some tasty grub before you go hit the techno clubs, or whatever it is you’re up to these days.


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