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Cool Company delivers a sultry late-summer jam for bedrooms and bars alike

Cool Company (Photo credit: Ben Benson)

Anderson .Paak may be getting all the attention these days, but the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn is where some serious neo-soul R&B is going down. Specifically, the elegantly smooth new duo Cool Company, composed of singer Yannick Hughes and producer Matt Fishman. While previous tracks like “Call You Back” and “Why You Gotta Make Me Do It” focused on upbeat dance-floor rhythms, the group’s new song “Slice Of Paradise”—an exclusive premiere on The A.V. Club—is quite literally a change of pace. The song is a soulful slink, mellow as a glass of good scotch with the same hint of fire. Slipping into a silky come-on voice, Hughes glides across the slowed-down rhythm like molasses, delivering an ode to…well, we’ll let him explain:

It’s not about any girl in particular (it’s about every girl). I loved the feel-good, laid-back vibe of the beat and I just tried to match the energy and groove.


That energy and groove comes courtesy of Fishman, who says that he “wanted to create a rich dreamy texture but not lose the danceability of the groove.” In that regard, he’s succeeded: With a vibe like a 21st century Al Green, crossed with the ethereal ebb and flow of Sade, Cool Company have created a song tailor made for the end of the evening, whether you’re eyeing someone at the end of the bar or just looking for one more dance. Of course, it’s hard to carry over that mood into your Lyft ride home, but that’s on you.

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