Groot, grooting it up.

Despite being beaten at the box office by creepy be-nostriled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians Of The Galaxy remains popular and inspiring to fans. One of the most beloved characters is Groot, the sentient tree creature who can only utter three words, “I am Groot,” which has become a new rallying cry for a generation (at least for another week or two). Now there’s a fun web tool for those who wish to continue that experience on the web while simulating the incomprehensible nightmare of jargon aphasia.

Us Vs Th3m has published a button that will Groot-ify any website, converting words on the site into Grootspeak. Users can easily drag the button onto their toolbar and, with a click of a button, turn any website into a collection of Grootisms with varying uses of punctuation and capitalization. With this tool, readers can practically hear the dulcet tones of Vin Diesel reporting on matters ranging from the latest movie news to developments on the world stage. The world awaits the inevitable co-opting of “I am Groot” by an out of touch political candidate (or Robin Williams) to put a fork in the catchphrase, at least until Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.


[Us vs Th3m]