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There are any number of reasons to be excited for the advent of Disney+, the entertainment mega-giant’s new streaming service/desperate demand for the last remaining shreds of oxygen in the pop culture biosphere. Maybe you love the idea of Werner Herzog doing a Star Wars. Maybe the possibility of having yet another password and login to keep track of thrills you to your core. Heck, maybe you’re one of the few remaining people who doesn’t think that this whole Jeff Goldblum obsession thing has gotten to be a little much. But for a lot of us, the appeal is pretty straightforward: $6.99 per month for access to The Simpsons.

That’s the unofficial takeaway from a recent report publicized by Variety this weekend, which attempted to analyze what content people were most excited to see on Disney+. Let’s start with a huge caveat, though: The report—by analysis firm Parrot Analytics—doesn’t cover any of Disney+’s new original content, so it’s possible that the entire planet is just goin’ nutty with Mandalorian fever right now. But it does make it clear that, at least as far as metrics like social media posts are concerned, the ability to stream one of the greatest TV series of all time without having to plug in a cable subscription login (sorry Simpsons World, but that cord done been cut) is a pretty damn big draw.


Per the Variety piece, The Simpsons topped the interest charts in all the countries where Disney+ is having its initial launch. (So, the U.S., Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia and New Zealand.) The second-place finisher in most of those markets, meanwhile, is the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, suggesting that, hey, maybe this whole “wars against the stars” concept has some legs on it after all.

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