The venerable, and reliably strange Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force is set to air its season finaleĀ this Sunday in its regular time-slot at 11:45 ET. Why is that news? Two reasons:

1) It's a live-action episode starring Jon Benjamin as Master Shake, T-Pain as Frylock and Dave Long, an online contest winner, as Carl.


2) The episode almost didn't air at all and will run with a disclaimer. Why? ATHF co-creator is being vague with the details but has told The A.V. Club, "[Matt Maiellaro and I] were very close to posting theĀ whole thing on YouTubeā€¦ We did seriously consider it as the last ATHF ever (but of course we got picked up for more)."

Sounds like a good reason to tune in. Well, that and the chance to see T-Pain as Frylock of course.