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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Internet-spawned rapper/living cartoon Kreayshawn blessed the world with a perfect slice of puerile musical stupidity with “Gucci Gucci,” and has done little since then besides ride out the buzz, leak nude photos, and court controversy. In theory she’s working on an album for Columbia records, but whatever goodwill/morbid curiosity she generated with “Gucci Gucci” is quickly fading as she degenerates further and further toward existing only as a human meme/Buzzfeed category. But apparently the novelty rapper/Minnie Mouse fashion acolyte is still inspiring some corners of the Internet: Like The Great Gatsby before her, Kreayshawn has inspired an 8-bit platform game, designed by Beth Maher, in which she travels from The Beach to The Club, pumpin' swag out her ovaries at any basic bitches who might get in her way. Like Kreayshawn herself, the game is eye-searingly colorful, endearingly stupid, and amusing for approximately seven to 10 minutes—though for every second you play, we as a society come that much closer to being officially “over” Kreayshawn.


Left and right arrow keys to move
Z to jump
X to shoot

E to exit to world map
R to reset the level

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