Syfy and Canadian network Showcase have announced that they’ll be picking up a final season of their politically charged time-travel thriller Continuum. The Canadian series, which stars Rachel Nichols as a well-meaning fascist from the future and Erik Knudson as her sidekick, Teenage Canadian Steve Jobs, will return for a six-episode fourth season, set to air next year. Hopefully, those six episodes will give creator Simon Barry and his staff time to close the book on the series’ convoluted but entertaining take on militarized police forces, idealistic terrorists, and magical skintight spy suits, since the fourth season will be the show’s last.

A short final season to tie up loose ends is definitely better than nothing, though, especially since Continuum seemed to be in danger of ending on a cliffhanger. Showcase, the show’s home network, stayed on the fence for months about whether it would renew the sci-fi drama before making the commitment. Cancellation would have left fans permanently wondering about the fate of future-cop protagonist Kiera Cameron and her new BFF, the enigmatic Brad, after they were confronted by a horde of time traveling Fallout cosplayers in the third season finale. Other potentially unresolved questions: What was up with the robot dreadlocks guy, who stayed in the shadows all season and whispered cryptic things like, “It has begun?” Would retired terrorists Liber8 finally mellow out, put down their guns, and start that bakery they’d always dreamed of before the inevitable status-quo-serving reboot? How did teen hacking master and future X-Files villain Alec Saddler get his hair so perfectly floppy? We’ll hopefully find out the answers to these and more when the show returns.