Construction on the massive, ridiculous house featured in Lauren Greenfield’s terrifying The Queen Of Versailles movie has recommenced. One of the home’s owners and the documentary’s titular subject, Jackie Siegel, walked CNBC’s Robert Frank through the monstrosity’s shell for the network’s Secret Lives Of The Super Rich, and the resulting segment is a bit alarming. It’s streaming in its entirety below, but in it, Siegel struggles to navigate the 13-bedroom, 11-kitchen, 30-bathroom, 90,000-square-foot home, at one point even forgetting what room she’s actually standing in. She also tells Frank that once the house is complete, she and 78-year-old husband David Siegel will use Segways to navigate the house, because that’s practical.

Other amazing/horrible things about the home: The building is one-and-a-half times larger than The White House, and the Rockefeller Center ice rink could fit inside the home’s main entranceway. The 6,000-square-foot master suite is more than double the size of the average U.S. home. The home’s floors will be inlaid with onyx, amethyst, and semiprecious stones. The home will feature a roller rink, 10,000-square-foot spa, and a commercial kitchen—one of 11—with a Benihana-style grill. The master bath will feature both his and hers showers and one in the middle, in case the Siegels want to shower together, but can’t be bothered to choose one shower or the other. The Siegels will also be managing a $20 million mortgage, which is about 100 times larger than the average mortgage in Central Florida, where they live.


Work on the house began in 2004, but stopped in 2009 after creditors went after Siegel’s timeshare company. The house is supposed to be completed by 2015.