Constantines fans are no doubt familiar with the work of the group’s frontman, Bry Webb. His second solo album, Free Will, came out just last month on Idée Fixe records, and below The A.V. Club is premiering the new clip for “Prove Me Wrong,” one of the album’s standout tracks. Filmed in Guelph, Ontario at The Donkey Sanctuary (which is, as the name suggests, an actual farm for abused or abandoned donkeys) the clip is fairly sentimental for Webb, as the farm also marks the location of his first solo show after Constantines announced their hiatus in 2010. The group has since gotten back together and played several shows in Canada, but Webb still admires the work the shelter does and says he even once aspired to make a live record “at The Donkey Sanctuary Of Canada.”


Bry Webb - "Prove Me Wrong" (Official Video) from Idée Fixe Records on Vimeo.