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Conspiracy-theory zealot Alex Jones now looks as stupid as he sounds

Source: YouTube

Authentic, made-in-America crazy person Alex Jones—previously predicted to go supernova sometime during his 52-hour election-day livestream—did not in fact go supernova. Sadly, little has changed: Alex Jones just keeps on keeping on. In the past week or so, he has been linked to the “pizzagate” gunman and debuted a new weight loss plan called, chillingly, “Make Your Body Great Again.” If the weight-loss link seems weird, it’s because in addition to being a crazy, dangerous human being, Alex Jones is a snake-oil salesman: His online store sells vials of tincture called “Super Male Vitality” ($69.95) and “Vitamin Mineral Fusion” ($59.95), as well as stacker bins full of food ($2,195.00) for when the theoretical shit he keeps talking about hits the fan.

Thus, while Alex Jones always looks like an idiot, it’s nice to see him look stupider than usual, and so here is a video, courtesy of Evil Ice Cream Pictures, of some of his greatest hits. His nose has been removed so that he looks like Voldemort.

Fans of viral Alex Jones freakouts will recognize such classics as “I’m an explorer!” and “(weird Satan croke)”. No-nosing has been around the internet for awhile, particularly on the subreddit r/nonose, which has gotten increasingly elaborate in its efforts to remove various celebrity’s noses in recent years. May they and the rest of the internet continue to use their powers to make Alex Jones look as stupid as he sounds.


[via KnowYourMeme]

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