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Against the protests of Peter Berg, Mitt Romney continues to sell campaign merchandise imprinted with the co-opted Friday Night Lights slogan "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose"—a willful ignorance representing the first time Romney has not at least pretended to kowtow to an opposing viewpoint. But as anyone who watched the show knows, there is no ignoring the voice of reason when it comes delivered with the twang of Tami Taylor, whose portrayer Connie Britton has co-authored an article in USA Today with executive producer Sarah Aubrey, echoing Berg's assertions that Romney's campaign shares none of the actual values represented by the show, and our own assertions that Romney is so Joe McCoy and he obviously doesn't even know it.


"Hey, y'all," Britton's column regrettably does not begin before it continues, "'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose' wasn't just about winning games. Rather, it was a rallying cry of hope and optimism in a community where everyone had a fair shot—no matter their background, no matter their parents, no matter their gender." She goes on to say, "The women we represented on the show—the women we are in real life—are like the millions of women across the nation. Women who want to make our own health care decisions. Women who want to earn equal pay for the work we do. Women who want affordable health care." And with that in mind, it points out that Romney's plans to do away with the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned Parenthood would have had deep ramifications for the town of Dillon—everything from costing Smash's mom her job, to making it impossible for Becky to get an abortion after she was abandoned by her parents, to robbing Saracen's grandmother of the medical attention she needed and Saracen of that nurse he got to hook up with.

In other words, a vote for Romney is a vote for killing Saracen's grandma. And so ends the most effective Romney shaming by a Friday Night Lights alum yet—at least until Kyle Chandler finally pens his "Let Me Tell You Something" op-ed.

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