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Connie Britton is suddenly free, suddenly in a Nicole Holofcener movie

Connie Britton in Nashville (Photo: Mark Levine/ABC via Getty Images)

[Note: The following post discusses plot points of the most recent Nashville episode.]

As Nashville viewers know, as of last Thursday, Connie Britton is no longer a cast member of that former ABC/now CMT show, as her country-music diva Rayna James died in that particular episode. Britton will appear in some flashbacks over the next few weeks, but she is basically moving on from the series, raising the question of what could be next for the former Friday Night Lights star.


Almost as soon as that tragic Nashville episode aired, The Hollywood Reporter listed Britton’s upcoming career options. She said that she was “eyeing a few indie films,” and one of those already seems to be coming to pass. Britton will star with Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco, and Thomas Mann in Nicole Holofcener’s new comedic drama The Land Of Steady Habits for Netflix. It’s based on Ted Thompson’s debut novel, in which a man going through a midlife crisis (Mendelsohn) leaves his family and uproots his life, then tries to get it all back. Britton will play “a divorcee who develops a connection with Mendelsohn’s character, first meeting him in a strip club.” Sounds like kind of an auspicious beginning, but Britton and Holofcener seem like a good match. And at least bereaved Nashville fans can take solace in the fact that they’ll be seeing Britton back onscreen relatively soon.

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