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Conner O'Malley's as deranged as ever in this new episode of his subaquatic talk show

Screenshot: Conner O’Malley (YouTube)

You might know Conner O’Malley for his Jay Leno cosplay, his manic devotion to failed presidential candidate Howard Schultz, or his I Think You Should Leave turn as Robbie Starr of Superstar Tracks Records, who thinks this beat is totally in your Q-zone. You may also have seen him splashing around in dirty water as Lake Guy, the host of “Late Lake,” the “only talk show in the lake.” The comedian took to YouTube this morning with his latest installment of the series, and it’s just as perversely deranged as you’d expect.

In this episode, O’Malley, who dubs himself a “woke Bill O’Reilly,” screams about Trump interrupting the “Tel Aviv Improv Festival”; CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewing the corpse of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh; and actor Greg Kinnear, who he calls his “own personal Osama bin Laden.” It’s shot in the bug-eyed, chaotic style of all of O’Malley’s videos, though the camera routinely crashing into the water gives the clip an added dose of queasiness, especially once he starts munching on a “veggie crumble MRE..” Fair warning: It’s about as NSFW as they come, what with all the talk of dog-fucking and pegging.

Watch it below.

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