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Conner O’Malley tries his hand at Leno's "Jay Walking" and ends up in hell

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Screenshot: Jay Walking 2k19 (YouTube)

It’s been just over five years since Jay Leno left The Tonight Show (for the second time), and, while the field of late-night hosts has never been more crowded, there still isn’t an obvious successor to Leno’s particular brand of observational dad humor. However, there is Conner O’Malley. The former Late Night With Seth Meyers writer and Joe Pera Talks With You star has a history of making some truly buck-wild YouTube videos that highlight his particularly insane brand of man-on-the-street interviews. This new short, in which he tries to resurrect Leno’s signature “Jay Walking” segment, is his latest masterpiece.

There are multiple Lynchian twists and turns in this video that we’ll resist spoiling but, suffice it to say, O’Malley has secured his position as the “new Jay.” Considering he previously hosted his own late-night talk show in a river and has skewered Trump supporters better than anyone on television, it’s patently absurd that some company hasn’t come along and given O’Malley a bigger platform. We’re looking at you, Raytheon.


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