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Conner O’Malley brings late-night to a river during the day

There is no shortage of late-night talk shows on television right now. Some are highly political, some lean more towards the goofy, but, until now, none of them have been in a river. Yesterday, Joe Pera Talks With You executive producer and certified internet lunatic Conner O’Malley shared the 3-minute premiere episode for his show Late River With River Guy (Conner O’Malley) Only Talk Show In A River, which brings a refreshing, new perspective to the late-night landscape. Namely, the perspective of a water-proof GoPro looking down on a man up to his neck in river water.

Despite nearly sinking every five seconds, O’Malley manages to deliver a tight monologue on today’s biggest news stories, like Rachel Dolezal’s investigation into what really happened in Rio with Ryan Lochte, Matt Lauer’s private #MeToo island, and the recent outbreak of cum-smuggling that’s been plaguing the TSA. These are the things other late-night hosts are afraid to talk about. But it’s not all jokes. O’Malley takes a moment mid-episode to share the touching story of how he met his white, Christian wife while shopping for outdoor equipment. We just wish other hosts were willing to be this brave, get this real, and film their show underneath a bridge in the middle of the afternoon.

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