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Congratulations, internet: Memes are now bigger than Jesus

The internet is now bigger than Jesus, as Consequence Of Sound reports that, for the first time in recorded history—or at least since Google started keeping track of users’ search histories—people have searched for “meme” more often than “Jesus” on Google.


Actually, neither. “Jesus” searches have remained steady for years, with predictable spikes at Christmas and Easter, when millions of formerly faithful go through the motions because they’re visiting family.

Fair enough. The more telling part of the stat is the rise of the internet meme, which at its current rate of growth will surpass Mandarin as the world’s most-used form of communication by 2033, until it’s knocked off the perch by the word “THIS” with an html link. But before dismissing the rise of memes as part of the downfall of civilization, remember that it’s only one search term among many, and despite surpassing “Jesus,” “meme” is still pretty far down the list.


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