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Confuse adults and horrify children with these sexy Frozen costumes

Cuddle up in your coziest cardigan and crack open a pumpkin spice Gatorade, because fall has officially arrived in the form of this year’s harvest of sexy pop-culture Halloween costumes. The ever-reliable Yandy.com, whose website features an entire section of sexy food costumes (although, alas, still no sexy Count Chocula), has debuted its 2014 collection of cheap polyester outfits guaranteed to keep you shivering throughout All Hallow’s Eve.Perhaps the most…interesting of the offerings is a series of costumes based on Frozen.

There’s the eloquently named Blue Dress Costume, which takes Elsa’s outfit from the movie and cuts a big ol’ slit in it…


…and the Blue Maiden Costume, which also takes scissors to something vaguely resembling Elsa’s signature costume.

The Norwegian Maiden Costume resembles an ice-skating outfit and represents protagonist Anna…


…and the Funny Snowman Costume, the most special of them all, adds pompoms and a carrot nose to a white American Apparel leotard.


Alternatives for those who don’t want to permanently ruin their child’s favorite film include dressing like a sexy lobster and this horrifying thing.


[UPDATE: Immediately after this article was published, Yandy.com appears to have pulled the Frozen costumes from its website, resulting in some dead links that have since been removed.]

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