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Conan producing another TBS pilot, this time for Jimmy Pardo

While Conan O’Brien’s tenure in TBS could be considered “exile,” the christ who died for your late-night sins only to be resurrected has built himself quite a home on cable, and he’s potentially adding another wing to it: Riding high off of Pete Holmes getting picked up, Conaco is producing a pilot for comedian (and Conan warm-up guy) Jimmy Pardo. Pardo’s talked about it on his popular podcast, Never Not Funny, but Splitsider uncovered a few more details of what’s being called The Weekly Awards: A tux-clad Pardo will discuss the events of the week and hand out awards for them. In other words, a TBS version of Best Week Ever or The Soup? Here’s a bit of trivia: When The Soup rebooted with Joel McHale, E! wanted to call it The What The…? Awards (which McHale aptly described as “the worst name ever”). The Weekly Awards is an improvement on that at least.

People in the Los Angeles area can go to the taping on March 7, which is taking place at Warner Bros in Burbank. For tickets, email pardo@conacoent.com.


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