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Conan pays tribute to Abe Vigoda’s many Late Night appearances

Abe Vigoda, who died yesterday at the age of 94, was a talented character actor who was perhaps best known for his roles in The Godfather and Barney Miller. But Vigoda also found a second career as a late-night guest, most notably on the sets of Conan O’Brien’s various talk shows. O’Brien and Andy Richter paid tribute to the late actor on Tuesday night’s Conan, recalling Vigoda’s gameness and “lovely” personality. They also shared a hilarious clip reel of the many late-night incarnations of Vigoda, including a Godzilla-like figure who battled Dr. Joyce Brothers, and a Force-sensitive being who was less reclusive than a certain other guy. The video, which is posted below, also riffs on one of Vigoda’s most memorable scenes from The Godfather, with Robert Duvall reprising his role as Tom Hagen.


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