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Conan O’Brien to visit U.S. troops in Qatar with First Lady Michelle Obama


Apparently angling for some kind of job as an ambassador when he’s done with TBS, Conan O’Brien has announced that he’ll be joining First Lady Michelle Obama on an upcoming trip to visit U.S. troops in Qatar. This comes only a few weeks after O’Brien visited Armenia for a special episode of his Conan show (an episode that had to be delayed to avoid the Republican presidential candidates), and like that trip, this visit to Qatar is also being filmed for the show. There’s no word on what kind of wacky comedy bits O’Brien will pull off in Qatar, but we imagine the First Lady’s security detail is very eager to find out.

Also, regarding the trip, O’Brien released a statement saying, “It’s an honor to accompany the First Lady on a trip to Qatar to entertain our troops,” adding, “I know they will be thrilled to see Mrs. Obama and delighted to hear my vocal rendition of Kanye’s entire Yeezus album.” He’s probably just joking, but just imagine how jealous of those soldiers in the Middle East you’ll be if he’s not.


[via Splitsider]

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