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Conan faces weird penalties for playing video games with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen

Conan O’Brien resumed his pixelated flailing with a new installment of his Clueless Gamer series, in which he demonstrates just how poorly he can play Super Smash Bros. and Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Conan host occasionally squares off against famous opponents, who usually prove to be more adept at playing Halo 5. On last night’s episode, he was joined by Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in the game of beer-pong and homecoming kings everywhere—Mario Kart 8.

O’Brien attempts to bro out with the Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising stars, offering up his kombucha keg and some essential oils for toking (well, vaping). But Efron and Rogen, finding themselves in their old Neighbors digs (a frat house), immediately want to draw dicks on his face. Those are the stakes for losing, but only for O’Brien, it seems, and he ends up with some Turner network-approved penises all over his countenance. He’s a good sport about it, as always, and doesn’t even check to make sure they haven’t used permanent marker.


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