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Conan developing old man buddy comedy for Fox

As his Rebel Wilson vehicle, Super Fun Night, lurches through an uneven start on ABC, Conan O'Brien continues developing other TV shows at a rapid clip. His latest entry is I Knew You When, a multi-camera comedy about two old men who achieved fame and fortune in their younger days, and can now look back on the rough road that led to success.

It's not clear whether that road will be shown as an extended flashback, How I Met Your Mother-style, or whether the show will simply consist of two old guys saying, "Remember that time…," then filling a half hour by rambling about the days when they used to wear an onion on their belt, because it was the style at the time.

The series hasn't begun casting yet. While William Preston—who acted alongside Conan in many a Late Night sketch as Carl "Oldy" Olsen—passed away in 1998, Abe Vigoda's still available.


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