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Conan delays airdate of Armenia special to avoid Republicans

Once again proving that there’s nothing a presidential election can’t ruin, Deadline is reporting that TBS has decided to bump Conan’s Armenia special back a week. The official reasoning behind the decision is “scheduling changes,” which is actually just a description of the situation and not an explanation of any kind, but the gumshoes at Deadline did the math and figured out that the special’s original air date, November 10, happens to be the same date as the next GOP debate. That means Conan would be going up against the black comedy sensations of the season, better known as the Republican presidential candidates, and as Donald Trump has so elegantly pointed out many times in the last few months, these debates get yuuuge ratings because of him and the wacky stooges he stands on stage with.

So, rather than compete with all of that nonsense, the Conan special will now air on November 17. If that’s too long to wait, though, you can watch O’Brien’s appearance on Armenian comedy show ArmComedy. It’s basically the same thing.


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