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Comrade Obama appears on Cuban comedy show


In what some corners of the United States will surely see as the latest in a long line of treasonous actions that the man has committed since 2009, Deadline is reporting that President Barack Obama recently appeared on a Cuban comedy show with comedian Pánfilo. The basic setup of the gag, as Deadline explains it, is that there’s a recurring bit on Pánfilo’s show (which is apparently very popular) where he tries to call the White House and speak with Obama but gets shot down. This time, though, Obama wanted to promote his historic visit to Cuba this weekend (it’s the first time a sitting president has visited the country in 88 years), so he actually answered the phone when Pánfilo called.

The bit is a little stiff, with Obama’s voice echoing like he’s a podcast guest who can’t be bothered to buy a real microphone, but the gist of the humor still comes through. This guy tries to call Obama, Obama actually answers, the guys makes some local references to Cuban culture, Obama subtly implies that socialism is great, and everyone shares a good laugh. Of course, why Obama chose to do any of this instead of simply waiting in his office until President Trump takes over—as those aforementioned corners of the country would prefer—is up for comment threads and message boards to argue about.


You can see the sketch itself below.

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