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A lot of famous people have had infuriatingly bad “let them eat cake”-style takes on how we’re all handling the coronavirus pandemic, but rather than making sure the guillotines are sharpened for when we stop social-distancing, it’s better to focus on celebrities who actually seem to be using their platforms to say and do the right things. That brings us to Britney Spears, who is not only sharing positive messages about maintaining connections through this period of isolation, but who has also apparently gone full-on socialist. As reported by The Fader, Spears posted an image on her Instagram this morning that advocates for reaching out to friends and loved ones through “the waves of the web” before adding that we should redistribute wealth and strike. Not only that, but she included three red rose emojis in the post—which politically active Twitter users will recognize as the socialist emoji.


Of course, it’s important to point out that Spears did not write this. She got it from an Instagram user who goes by Mimi Zhu and who writes a lot of philosophically inclined mini-essays about the importance of community and finding strength within yourself. Spears has posted some other stuff since then about staying positive and holding onto hope in these dark times, so clearly all of this coronavirus stuff is weighing on her. If she finds some comfort in socialist-leaning writings, then we’re all for it. Welcome to the resistance and all that.

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