The stuffed pet goat-gifting market has now come into its own, and in a big way. Today’s stuffed pet goat-gifters have not one, but two separate options for buying and shipping stuffed pet goats to loved ones. You Goat This and You Goat Mail are both online providers of plushy specimens of the genus Capra. “It’s no secret goats are absolutely wonderful, adorable, and magical,” according to the You Goat This website. “But caring for a live goat is impractical for most of us. So what’s the next best thing? An extremely soft, furry, ridiculously cute goat plush from our store plus a starter kit to help you care for it.”

The online goat-gifting business appears to be booming. You Goat Mail currently has this apologetic message up on its website for disappointed customers: “Because of an unexpected spike in goat demand we are currently sold out. But you can still order your fuzzy friend today. Please know it may take an extra 1-3 weeks for your goat to ship.”


If you can’t wait one to three weeks to have You Goat Mail send a stuffed goat out to your friend or family member, there’s always the other goat-gifting website. (You see, this is precisely why there are two companies providing this important service. Capitalism at its finest.) And You Goat This also boasts that “10% of proceeds are donated to buy live goats for third world families.” Goats all around!