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Company behind Tupac hologram is bankrupt, suggesting ghost rappers are not a viable business model yet

Although the emergence of a Tupac Shakur sort-of-hologram sparked a flood of announcements regarding other celebrities who might be rescued from the dignity of death through the magic of technology, sadly the trend didn't take off soon enough to resurrect the company behind it, Digital Domain. According to CNN, the James Cameron co-founded special effects group—whose past accomplishments include working on movies like Titanic and winning an Oscar for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, but which made a ghost rapper once so now it's "Tupac hologram maker Digital Domain"—has filed for bankruptcy, unable to stop its long slide into financial ruin by making dead celebrities dance. The article notes that "Digital Domain expressed hope recently that expanding the virtual performer business beyond Tupac would be lucrative, as it would be able to get a cut of the ticket sales for such events." Instead, it will now be forced to watch helplessly from the business grave as other companies exploit their art to make their own hologram shows, which is truly, truly shameful.


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