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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled emCommunity/ems continued quest for all the cult TV stars leads inevitably to Chris Elliott

After wending its way back through years of cult television to cull its fifth season guest stars, Community has at last landed one of the oldest-school originators of fiercely, if not widely beloved television. Chris Elliott will appear in an upcoming episode as Russell Borchert, the eccentric, Chris Elliott-like founder of Greendale who disappeared decades ago in the wake of a mysterious sex scandal—the particulars of which may or may not involve the attempted founding of a splinter “Handsome Boy Modeling School.” Having added the Get A Life and Eagleheart star to a roster that includes people from Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Justified, Firefly, Tim And Eric, and even go-to quirky cameo guy Paul Williams, Community now need only dig up Ernie Kovacs to achieve some sort of cult TV nirvana. (Note to Community: Please do not dig up Ernie Kovacs.)


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