After wending its way back through years of cult television to cull its fifth season guest stars, Community has at last landed one of the oldest-school originators of fiercely, if not widely beloved television. Chris Elliott will appear in an upcoming episode as Russell Borchert, the eccentric, Chris Elliott-like founder of Greendale who disappeared decades ago in the wake of a mysterious sex scandal—the particulars of which may or may not involve the attempted founding of a splinter “Handsome Boy Modeling School.” Having added the Get A Life and Eagleheart star to a roster that includes people from Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Justified, Firefly, Tim And Eric, and even go-to quirky cameo guy Paul Williams, Community now need only dig up Ernie Kovacs to achieve some sort of cult TV nirvana. (Note to Community: Please do not dig up Ernie Kovacs.)