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Community will return on March 15

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In an announcement that threatens to overload our servers, Community’s Dan Harmon has confirmed via tweet that the show will return to NBC on March 15, in the 8 p.m. ET time slot it was originally forced out of when this whole indeterminate hiatus began. The network has yet to comment on the show’s return officially, nor offer any word on how the schedule will be changed to accommodate it, but of course, none of that matters right now. After all, around here this is sort of the equivalent of V-J Day, so grab the nearest nurse and make out with her.


UPDATE: Alan Sepinwall got some more specifics about how it will all work, with the obligatory bad news to go with the good news—specifically that Community's return means a five-week break for Parks And Recreation. Fortunately, however annoying that pause may be, it doesn't mean losing any Parks episodes, as the show was already scheduled to wrap a month before all of its Thursday night associates. Now Parks will return sometime in April to close out its season with the added benefit of a better, post-Office timeslot (Up All Night having wrapped by then). Sepinwall also reminds us that Community's return still doesn't mean anything definite for its fourth season chances, but we don't need to dwell on the negative right now.

SECOND UPDATE: NBC has now offered an official announcement, which mostly says some stuff about the new Wednesday shows Bent and Best Friends Forever—the former of which they are so excited about, they're burning it off in one-hour blocks so you can get extra—and some other stuff about Betty White's Off Their Rockers, a prank show starring "a cast of sassy septuagenarians who are hip, sexy and ready to party," and which is actually described like that without a hint of irony. But more importantly, they also acknowledged, "We know that the loyal fans of Community will be pleased with its return to its home on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m," which is certainly a nice way of saying, "NOW SHUT UP, NERDS."

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