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Community will now have far less Donald Glover

In keeping with every Community-related story—in which any bit of good news is quickly tempered by not-so-great news—Vulture is reporting that the show’s fifth season featuring lots more Dan Harmon will also feature a lot less Donald Glover. Hints that Glover might not be committed to a full-blown return next year began surfacing in June, after the site suggested Glover wanted to devote more time to rapping as Childish Gambino to a crowd of people yelling, “Hey, how come you’re not on Community?” Now it looks as though that may be the reality, as Vulture says Glover will likely only appear in five of the upcoming 13 episodes—a compromise that will allow Sony to save money by not having to pay Glover for every episode. Indeed, with the cost cutting from that and not having to cover Chevy Chase’s salary anymore, Community could afford to do all sorts of cool things, such as buying every viewer a pizza to take their mind off how weirdly empty the show feels now.


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