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Community will go outside more—and parody Game Of Thrones, if Jim Rash gets his way

Illustration for article titled iCommunity/i will go outside more—and parody iGame Of Thrones/i, if Jim Rash gets his way

“Cooperative Calligraphy” may be one of the most celebrated moments in the tumultuous history of Community, but that doesn’t mean every episode should be a bottle episode. Thankfully, Greendale’s favorite study group will be getting a little more fresh air during the show’s sixth season. In a TV Line interview conducted during Comic-Con, the dean himself, Jim Rash, revealed that series creator Dan Harmon intends on setting more episodes outside the walls of academia—a plan that marks a clear break from the Greendale-style cost-cutting measures enacted during the last couple of seasons on NBC, when location shooting went the way of Pierce Hawthorne. This prospective field-trip approach lends credence to Vulture’s report that Community will not be suffering a huge budget cut when it moves from NBC to its new home on Yahoo.


During the same interview, Rash also speculates wildly about the plotlines of this hashtag-foretold season, attempting to will a Game Of Thrones parody into existence (presumably as a means to get the dean into a Daenerys getup.) Should such an episode really happen, expect very little coverage of it on the The A.V. Club, since no one comes here to read about Game Of Thrones or Community.

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