As Community¬†shifted from the Jeff Winger-centric redemption plot of a disgraced lawyer cellar-dwelling at community college into a much more ensemble-heavy comedy, the show lost the need for a central romantic conflict to drive everything‚ÄĒor so we thought. Mirroring the structure and soundtrack of the first trailer for (500) Days Of Summer with Manic Pixie Dream Girl-in-Chief¬†Zooey Deschanel and Johnny Depp of the new decade Joseph Gordon-Levitt, some intrepid Community¬†fan assembled clips from the show to craft the Jeff/Britta pairing into the style of that romantic comedy. They meet-cute, trade quips, and Jeff even gets a post-coitus fantastical romp to match Tom Hansen's dance sequence with an animated bird. Jeff is so much less sad-sack than Tom it even manages to stay sweet the whole way through instead of dwelling on a breakup and breaking plates everywhere. Now all that's left is for someone to take the logic of the Community's brilliant¬†clip-show riff and make (500) Days of Abed and Troy.