Charley Koontz (NBC)

Charley Koontz, better known as “Fat Neil” on Community, has just landed a regular role in CBS’ upcoming CSI: Cyber—which, as we previously reported, is like CSI, but on the Internet. Koontz will be starring alongside Patricia Arquette, who will play Avery Ryan, a special agent in the cyber crime division of the FBI. Koontz’s character is named Agent Daniel Grummitz, and he’s described as a “social introvert and a tech genius with a quick wit and self-deprecating honesty” by Deadline.

The description does not get better:

Workaholic by day and night, Grumitz rarely, if ever, goes home. Indeed, he spends countless hours cracking cyber cases while on the clock. Off the clock, he practices penetration tests on Conficker clones.


Conficker is a virus, apparently, but really, we stopped reading around “penetration tests.” It seems fitting to remind you that CSI: Cyber will not, as far as we can tell, investigate cybersex gone horribly awry.