In the interest of stopping the senseless war on Canada before it begins, Community stars Yvette Nicole Brown, Joel McHale, and Alison Brie have called for peace by announcing a February 7 return date for the show—in the U.S. of America, as God intended.  As you may have noticed, February 7 is a Thursday, meaning Community actually will be replacing the exiting 30 Rock in its old 8 p.m. ET slot, just as many suspected. And look: We know that you're probably all a little wary of this news given this morning's sneaky subterfuge, but we've reached out and confirmed that Brown, McHale, and Brie are not Canadian and therefore can be trusted. But we'll update once the network makes its own official announcement.

UPDATE: And here is that official announcement, which has the word Community on it, right next to the words "Returns" and "February 7" (and underneath the sort-of-mocking words "Anticipated Returns"). Note also that Parks And Recreation will be shuffled again, moving to the 8:30 pm ET hour to swap places with the new White House-set sitcom 1600 Penn, which NBC is obviously hoping to give the however minor boost of its Office lead-in while it still can.


The network also confirmed the return of Smash on February 5, the debut of the murder mystery Deception (formerly Infamous) on January 7, and the premiere of the Eva Longoria-produced dating show Ready For Love on March 31. But none of these have anything to do with Community or other Thursday night comedies, so you can get back to talking about those now.