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Fans of NBC's Community have long wondered where they could go to share in that love with their fellow fans, besides "the entire Internet" and specifically this website. But wonder no more, except about specifics: One such fan began working several months ago on organizing the first-ever CommuniCon, a gathering of the Community faithful that's scheduled to take place in Los Angeles the weekend of February 9-10 (to coincide with the show's fourth season premiere). Though so far, that's about all there is in terms of details.


According to this recently established FAQ on the convention's Tumblr page, CommuniCon plans to descend on Los Angeles City College, filming site of many of the show's exteriors, and from there almost anything could happen, up to and including panels from the cast and crew, meet-and-greets, viewing marathons, trivia contests, costume parades, and show-inspired activities like "(small) blanket fort building, scheduled group hugs, Yahtzee, foosball, karaoke, pop ‘n’ lock-a-thon, video game station with Journey To The Center Of Hawkthorne," etc. Also, relentless quoting of things, as is the Community fan's natural resting state.

While some may understandably be hesitant to buy yet-to-be-priced tickets at this point, for what it's worth, Dan Harmon has already expressed some interest, as have several of the series' writers. Those curious to see how this thing develops—or even ready to start planning their trip and their costume now—can follow @CommuniConNews on Twitter. Who knows? Perhaps 40 years from now, CommuniCon will be some bloated corporate event choked by studios plugging movies and TV shows with only the most tangential relation to the show, and fans will grumble about how it actually used to be about Community, man.

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