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Community casts Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan in continued bid to be the nexus of cult television

Having recently moved on from casting the stars of its fellow cult TV shows to casting their creators, Community will one-up the recent addition of Arrested Development’s Mitch Hurwitz by adding Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan to the mix. Entertainment Weekly reports that Gilligan will join the show’s ever-growing roster of fifth-season guest stars—a roster that already includes Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks in a regular role—in what will be the writer-producer's acting debut. Gilligan will reportedly play “a smooth-talking gold digger who winds up exacerbating a fight between Annie and Abed”—possibly as a Machiavellian means of convincing them to kill each other, so he can then take control of their gold. Look for Gilligan to appear sometime in “late winter or early spring,” followed by an episode where the gang takes a class taught by a stack of Sopranos DVDs.


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