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Common says G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Winter album is not happening

Illustration for article titled Common says G.O.O.D. Musics emCruel Winter /emalbum is not happening

Despite the rumors that had Kanye West preparing to release G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Winter as a quick-turnaround follow-up to last year's Cruel Summer, rapper Common tells Vulture the second compilation isn't happening. The reason: "Everybody's been doing their solo album," Common said.


However, Common's denial of the compilation's existence contradicts claims from some of its other presumed participants. His fellow Cruel Summer alum Big Sean, for one, remains steadfast in his declarations that Cruel Winter is both real and on its way. And Malik Yusef posted a photo of himself and West in the studio, supposedly working on the potentially fabled album.

So, there's still the possibility that Common is just way out of the loop here, or perhaps it's all just a ruse to stoke anticipation further. Whatever the outcome, at least we'll always have this extremely vague trailer.

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