Companies spend millions of dollars crafting the perfect 30- to 90-second television advertisements, so it’s refreshing to see that a simple edit to those ads can derail a carefully crafted intended narrative in favor of darker or more absurdist messages. Take this cut of a famous Cheerios campaign, in which Gracie now learns a terrible truth.

The above video sprang from Reddit’s r/CommercialCuts, which challenges users to make a simple video and/or audio edit to popular commercials to produce something “comical and different than the original commercial intended.” Some cuts are gleeful “fuck yous” to the products being sold—

—while others become spot-on parodies, as in this heart-warming tale of children receiving a box of meat from Wal-Mart for Christmas.

Then there’s the outright juvenilia, ruining youth’s simplest pleasures.

See more as they develop at r/CommercialCuts. [via Digg]