As the nation prepares to mark Friday’s one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death by taking in 24 hours of Jackson-related programming—including a 20/20 interview with his make-up artists and stylists, the MTV special Michael Jackson’s Influence On Music, which will finally give America a chance to find out whether Usher thought Michael Jackson was talented, the answer-to-a-question-no-one-is-asking TV Guide Network special Michael Jackson’s Entourage: Where Are They Now?, and VH1’s landmark 1,000th airing of The Jacksons: An American Dream—many of you may be wondering, “How can I best convey my respect for Michael Jackson in text message form?” Yes, many of you are wondering that. It's a perfectly natural stage in the healing process.

Fortunately Predicto Mobile (a “leading mobile entertainment company,” as if you needed to tell us that!), has just sent us a press release containing “The King of Pop’s Top 10 Text Message-Ready Lyrics,” which are “certain to get recipients humming along in 140 characters or less.” Copy and paste them somewhere safe, so come Friday you can confuse somebody special, or just post them to Twitter, where all outpourings of grief resonate the loudest, no matter how inane or poorly articulated. #kingofpop #gonetoosoon #emotionallyconflicted  #notsurewhatI’msupposedtobeexpressinghere(x2)

10) I want 2 luv u P.Y.T. pretty yung thing U need sum luvin T.L.C. tender luvin care I’ll take u there


9)  Keep on w/ the force dont stop, don’t stop til u get enuf(x8)

8)  Heal the world make it a better place 4 u & 4 me & the entire human race if u care enuf 4 the living make a better place 4 u & 4 me

7)  ABC EZ as 123 o simple as doe ray me abc baby u and me grl

6)  The-way-u-make-me-feel(x2) U-really-turn-me-on(x2) U-knock-me-off-of-my-feet(x2) My-lonely-days-are-gone(x2)


5)  2 hi 2 get over yah yah 2 lo 2 get under yah yah ur stuck in the middle yah yah & the pain is thunder yah yah

4)  Just beat-it(x4) No1 wants 2b defeatd, showin how funky & strong is ur fight it doesnt matter whos wrong or right just beat-it(x4)


3)  U know Im bad Im bad u know it u know & the whole world has 2 answer rit now just 2 tell u once again - whos bad?

2)  Cuz this is thrilla thrilla nite there ain't no 2nd chance against the thing w/ 40 eyz, grl


1)  Billie jean is not my luvr shes just a grl who claims that I m the 1 but the kid is not my son she said i m the 1 but the kid is not my son